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so hello, good friend
assumptions that I had wrong
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I'm fed up of the way this LiveJournal is. It's over two years old and now, well I read my past entries and wish I could delete them but think I shouldn't. Soooo I got a new LJ.
re-add me ty!

[ mood | bored ]

Kids, if you want you can find out when your exams'll be in the summer. Click this and go here

I did mine, cause I really should be revising physics or maths or something. Which isn't working.
I've got not too bad a load. 22nd May, 25th May, 12th June, 20th June and 27th June.

I guess I should return to revision.


[ mood | FED THE HELL UP! ]

to procrastinate
i procrastinate, you procrastinate, he/she/it procrastinates, we procrastinate, you pl procrastinate, they procrastinate.
perfect, i procrastinated
imperfect, i used to procrastinate
pluperfect, i had procrastinated
conditional perfect, i would have procrastinated
conditional, i would procrastinate
future, i will procrastinate
imperitive, procrastinate!
passive, i was procrastinated

in other news. i'm so fed up of maths revision, as if that wasn't obvious enough.


you feel the moments gone too soon [01.15.06]
[ mood | complacent ]

This day shall hereby be rememebered as the day I got a v.sweet text from someone.
Oh. yes.
And also the day where I stalled once again, poking out of a junction with cars coming towards me. :-/
//edit. And the day I couldn't spell "remembered". d'oh.

7 days = 2 new teeshirts, one new shrug, 3 pairs of shoes. KATHRYN! STOP SPENDING MONEY!

so today. was. good.
worked. got hair cut. went basildon. same old same old.
going out tonight. same old same old.

nobody knows it, but you've got a secret smile and you use it only for me

you know when parts of songs get stuck in your head for hours on end. today it was "have a drumstick and your brain stops ticking" for about 3 hours whilst i was making my sarnies this morning. tres annoying.

FAO Miss Hanna C.
why are you having plastic surgery?
if not, why did you send me a text about it?
you nob.

prince charming. prince charming. ridicule is nothing to be scared of. [01.08.06]
[ mood | gruff! ]

so last night we went out for hollies 18th. really good fun. was nice for the 5 girlies to be together for the first time in an age. hello you seem to have given me the wrong drink. well maybe the bit with sophie having a go at hanna wasn't so fantastic, but she's a nob, and plus we didn't know what she was on - well who grinds these days?

- first time driving with 3 in the back - MOOOVE YA HEAD!

- sarah breaking a seatbelt. oh god the panic. what if the police pull us over and the car's not roadworthy and and and.

- and then hanna fixed it so HOORAY FOR HANNA!! eating those chocolates.(//edit. Hanna didn't eat the chocolates. well she did. but we all did. but the hooray isn't 'cause hanna ate the chocolates...urm. maybe i should adjust my grammar?)
- QUIIICK they're coming!!!

- stalling 5 times. fuck sake. (only shar will get this... "ROLL BACK ROLL BACK" - i sortof tried to pull away in third out of shar's road - yesiwasinthewronggear!...i sortof stalled(i say sortof, i mean: did stall.) with my front end sticking out onto stock road. with a car coming towards me. a-whoops!)
- getting lost in laindon. dead end.

- toilets. FONDUE. my humps. byebyebye. sclub7!

hanna has photos. oh yes. good night. thumbs up.

- oh i hate waking up after a night out. everything stinks of fags. bleurgh. my hair. my clothes. my bed. bleurgh bleurgh bleurgh.

then i had to go pick my brother up from this fancy dress party. i had captain hook, winnie the pooh, prince charming and a ninja in the car. O_o prince charming wasn't being the nicest i've known him, but hey tom always has been a nob after something to drink :/

so onto today; learning findings from psychology experiments. BRING ON THE FUN. off to dinner at my grandparents and then dancing. whoop whoop.


if we can get through this. we'll get through anything.

So this is the New Year, and i don't feel any different.
Today. i woke up at the afternoon time. Things happened. I got sad. Mum took me to lakeside, we looked at sofas. we bought pants. we did an ikea of going in thinking "right we'll get just this" came out with loads of additionals. last night was drunktaboulous. "and its shit music...so..it's HI HO SILVER LINING."

it aint such a bad place to be because we're opposites [12.30.05]
[ mood | damp ]

Dear Slush,
You are crap and you make too much mess and wetness. My jeans are uncomfy now. Go away. Please.
Lots of love,
Kat xx

in other news there's a snowman that's been constructed on the green opposite my house and he's about to fall over. nob.


omgosh. a year ago i met all the "windsor people" for the first time. happy anniversary!

i am not into the idea of being without you. [12.23.05]
[ mood | cold ]

so today i worked, had to serve some mincepiemoaners "ohhh i don't want those ones (all prepacked and perfectly okay and even more fresh then the ones in the window) i want the ones in the window" oh fuck off. so then i chuck a pack back and this womans all "Oh look how she's throwing them about, and she wonders why we don't want them...oh look at them...." how about... LOOK HOW I THROW THEM AT YOUR FACE. HUH HUH HUH!!!

my dad had been bugging me about paying him back for my driving test, so i did, and he's gone "actually, all i wanted you to do was pay it back then i was going to give it back to you..."£45 up. SCORE.

erm. revision is suckish.

birmingham keep sending me things in the post. it's quite nice getting post often.

6am start tomorow. fuck off.


Hanna loves her face.
She loves her face so so much when she wakes up she goes "GOSH. Face. I love you."

It's all true.

Yesterday was all about messing up our dance moves.

Shake your monkey monkey?

No. Not really.

oh yes my coursework is finished.

oh no my revision is still not done.

oh who cares.

ps yesterday was good.
pps well not the wheel spin car fart.
ppps the flurries were nice.
pppps those drunk men asking us where we were going was not.

just remember, when you're old and reminiscing. who was the girl who won cluedo everytime we played it in french lessons?

yeah. me. that's right.

blatz gonna be a detective when older.

i want to give you a hug you'll be scared of.

[ mood | cheerful ]

Today was blatently all about calling Hanna a "nobface" infront of my french teacher. Sir Rolandos.

Today was actually really good. Energy, thanks. But we won't mention pouring that pot of yoghurt down my jeans and all over my coat. Smell my leg. Thanks.

It was also all about the card from Hanna. Carrot face.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

If only I still knew how to write in complete sentences.

Oh yeah, and finding that thing out at lunch was quite good. :-). Heaven please. Fly fly. In code. Obviously.

HOW IS MY BROTHER 16 TOMMOROW?!!?!?!? It's insane.
Stopit please. Thanks.

Nappy bum.

Oh gosh, I can't even construct a coherant sentence anymore...or spell coherent for that matter.


today sucked like your nan.
bar erm... nothing.
it was all a bit shit.
apart from laura arguing.
yeah shut up old man.

well done verity!

today was erm, good.
i say good, i'm obviously lying. b block confuses me.


I passed my driving test
5 minors! check me out!

but don't walk out into the middle of the road or i shall swear at you.

I drove to Asda cause me and shar are cool.

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